Twenty11 communities

Twenty11 is not just about individuals and homes, it’s about the whole community

A strong, thriving and resilient community affects everyone personally because it helps you feel safe and happy where you live, and contributes to everyone’s health and wellbeing. Twenty11 will encourage good behaviour, but will also make sure strong action is taken when tenants’ behaviour is unacceptable.  

Antisocial behaviour can have a negative impact, not just on individuals, but on the whole neighbourhood. We will therefore take prompt action for things such as noise nuisance, graffiti, vehicle and pet nuisance, damage and untidy gardens. That’s why we’ve developed a Tenancy Sustainment Licence which will mean such activities will lead to negative points that can affect the continuation of tenancies. Where there is evidence of serious breaches such as hate crime, drug use, harassment and/or criminal behaviour, the tenancy will be ended and the perpetrator evicted. The type of tenancies that we have in place make it clear what behaviour is not acceptable and makes sure that when necessary, we can take prompt action. One of our key priorities is having safe and secure neighbourhoods, and we are committed to using our powers to make this happen. 


To apply for a Twenty11 home:

 1) Register on the Council’s local lettings system, Bucks Home Choice

 2) Complete our Twenty11 pre-registration process

 Bids on Twenty11 homes will not be considered if you have not completed our pre-registration process - note that the time it takes from registering on this website to being ready to bid for a home can take between 2 and 4 weeks

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