Our offer to customers

Living in a Twenty11 home will give you access to:

  • A home with rent based on your household’s individual circumstances:Online services, so that you can self-serve and manage all elements of your tenancy and relationship with Twenty11 online – a dedicated portal will allow you to manage your tenancy online, view your Tenancy Sustainment Licence at any time and engage with our team
    • Twenty11 sets rents that are based on the household’s ability to pay. At the start of a tenancy, we will charge rent at a level that is affordable, based on your household income. If a life changing event happens, we may be able to offer a period of subsidised rent for up to 6 months;
    • For those who earn more during the period of their tenancy, you’ll be able to realise your potential and improve your economic circumstances, potentially keeping any extra income to save and improve prospects for you and your family (annual inflationary increases will apply at the end of each year
  • A Community Potential Specialist who can work with you to develop and build your skills and potential, with support from a network of partners
  • A new Tenancy Sustainment Licence that sets out the expected standards of behaviour which have been created by customers, which you sign up to - it’s about how you can get the best out of your tenancy, together with the support we can offer - good behaviour and a sustained positive contribution to the community are examples of how you will accumulate points (e.g. volunteering, paying rent on time, giving access for appointments, community engagement) and negative behaviour deducts points (e.g. significant rent arrears, anti-social behaviour):
    • Customers who keep to their tenancy conditions will have their tenancies renewed and if they contribute positively they will also have access to additional opportunities
    • Those who accumulate negative points will have tenancies reviewed, with the possibility of ending the tenancy


To apply for a Twenty11 home:

1) Register on the Council’s local lettings system, Bucks Home Choice

2) Complete our Twenty11 pre-registration process

Bids on Twenty11 homes will not be considered if you have not completed our pre-registration process - note that the time it takes from registering on this website to being ready to bid for a home can take between 2 and 4 weeks

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