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We’re a High Wycombe-based landlord offering a selection of homes with rents that are based on what you and your family can afford to pay.

With a flexible approach to rent and tenancies, we can help when your circumstances change, and give you the support to explore new opportunities for work, training, education or volunteering.

"We've made lots of friends in the community and feel completely integrated. Our kids are absolutely happy here, thank you. We are very happy with Twenty11."

Available homes can be found on the Bucks Home Choice website. Applicants must be on the housing register, be 18 years old or over, and have completed the Twenty11 registration process to be considered.

To apply for a Twenty11 home you need to complete step 1 and then register with us on step 2.

Step 1

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Step 2

I have registered with Bucks Home Choice

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Hoping to find a home with us?

If you’ve found a home you like, and have successfully bid on it through Bucks Home Choice, we know you’ll be keen for things to progress. This is the process we follow, and when you can expect to hear from us:

Day 1: Nomination

You'll receive an email or a letter from Bucks Home Choice to confirm you have been nominated for one of our homes, and your position (1st, 2nd or 3rd). You may be one of several people who have been nominated for the same home, so at this stage the home is not necessarily yours. We'll be back in touch within 28 days. We can't make this sooner, as this is the notice period for the outgoing tenant. At this stage the outgoing tenant is still living in the home.

Day 1-5: Verification stage and pre-tenancy assessment

On Day 1, our team will message you via your Twenty11 portal to ask you to upload various ID and proof of income documents to the Required Documents section of your Twenty11 portal. You’ll need to do this within the first 48 hours. We’ll also arrange a pre-tenancy assessment. This is a videocall with our Pre-Tenancy Specialist, who will assess your needs and carry out an income and expenditure assessment to check if the rent will be affordable. We have five working days to complete the verification stage, after which we’ll confirm whether or not we can offer you a tenancy. If we can, out Lettings Team will contact you to arrange a viewing and sign-up. If we can’t offer you a tenancy - for example if the rent is not affordable, or if the home won’t meet your needs - you’ll need to contact Bucks Home Choice in order to start bidding on homes again.

Day 29: Void works

Now that the home is empty, we will conduct checks and update the new home to bring it up to our lettable standard. Depending on the condition of the home, this process - which we call 'void works' - usually takes around 10-15 working days to complete.

Day 30-51: Viewing

We will be in touch during this three-week period to arrange a viewing of the home while void works are still in progress. Occasionally we can't offer a viewing until the void works are complete, for safety reasons, but we will do our best to offer you a viewing as soon as possible.


The viewing and sign-up process will be completed, and you'll be all set to move in to your new home! This will involve a meeting at the home to walk you through your new home and give you the keys or the keysafe number.

How to get online

Here at Twenty11 we’re digital first, which means the main way we communicate with our tenants and customers will be online, whether that be via our portal, by email, or video calls.

We know that sometimes not everyone is able to get online from home, so we've put together a guide which provides some helpful tips on where you can get online, as well as details of some courses and support if you want to strengthen your digital skills.

Visit our How to get online page.