Apply for a Twenty11 home

Twenty11 is a brand new landlord based in the Wycombe district, offering a selection of homes with rents that are based on what you and your family can afford to pay.

With a flexible approach to rent and tenancies, we can help when people’s circumstances change and give tenants support to explore new opportunities for work, training, education or volunteering.

Available homes can be found on the Bucks Home Choice website.

Applicants must be on the housing register and have completed the Twenty11 pre-registration process to be considered. 

  • Twenty11 is a brand new landlord
  • Our homes are based in the Wycombe district
  • We set rents that are based on a household’s ability to pay
  • We have flexible tenancy agreements
  • We offer bespoke life coaching through our Community Potential Specialist


To apply for a Twenty11 home:

 1) Register on the Council’s local lettings system, Bucks Home Choice

 2) Complete our Twenty11 pre-registration process

 Bids on Twenty11 homes will not be considered if you have not completed our pre-registration process - note that the time it takes from registering on this website to being ready to bid for a home can take between 2 and 4 weeks.

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