Report a repair

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How do I report repairs?

All repairs should be reported through the portal. Once you’ve logged in, tap/click on ‘My Repairs’ and then ‘Report a Repair’.

If you’re not a tenant and you want to report a repair to one of our homes, please email

When you report a repair, it’s helpful if you can take photos or a video of what needs fixing. This will help us diagnose the repair quickly (and this will help contribute to the digital engagement points on your Tenancy Sustainment Licence).

How quickly will you complete my repair?

This will depend on the type of repair requested. If you have an emergency repair, we’ll complete the work within 24 hours. If you have an urgent repair (non-emergency), we’ll attend within five working days. However, a routine repair will take up to 20 days.

When you log a repair with us, we’ll let you know how long it’s likely to take.

What number can I ring for an emergency Twenty11 repair?

In an emergency we can take telephone calls. However, if your call is not about an emergency you will be redirected to one of our online digital channels.

An emergency repair would be one that is an urgent health and safety issue, such as an uncontrollable leak.

The number you should call is 01494 700011.