Why Choose Twenty11

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We want our rents to be truly affordable

When you first apply for one of our homes, we’ll ask you to provide information about your household and your household's income, so that if we offer you a home we can set a rent based on what is affordable for you. The rent is then set for the duration of your tenancy, and we’ll review this at the start of the next tenancy, or if there’s an exceptional change to your circumstances.

You can use our rent calculator to see what rent you might pay for a home with us.


Realising your potential

We have a team of Community Potential Specialists who provide a solutions-focused approach to life coaching, helping our customers to think about not only their own futures, but also those of their entire household.

We support our customers in mapping out their pathways to get there - we call these Personal Success Plans.

We also know that sometimes a financial helping hand is needed, and that's why we have our Aspiration Pot. Our customers can apply for financial help to help them achieve their plan, whether that be a training course, travel costs or an interview suit – it’s there to help make the dreams a reality.

Find out more about our Realising Potential Approach.


Our communities

We're not just about individuals and homes, we care about the whole community. A strong, thriving and resilient community helps everyone feel safe and happy.

We support volunteering and help you find opportunities to be active in your community. We also give positive points on your Tenancy Sustainment Licence for those who help others through volunteering.

To find out more about volunteering or if you have an event you want us to support, please get in touch. 


Our partners

We link in with our network of local partners to help our tenants realise their potential through our Personal Success Plans. For example, they can offer support with:

  • employment
  • training
  • physical wellbeing
  • mental wellbeing
  • financial advice and support
  • skills development.


Tenancy Sustainment Licence (TSL)

Our Tenancy Sustainment Licence underpins our approach and is similar to a driving licence. All our tenants have one, and this is linked to their tenancy agreement. It encourages them to contribute to the community and keep to the terms of their tenancy agreement. Points are awarded (both positive and negative) for everything from paying rent to giving access for your gas safety check. Negative points are given when someone doesn’t keep to the terms of their tenancy such as causing a nuisance or not paying rent. The points a tenant gains during their tenancy will help decide if a further tenancy will be granted, and whether a tenant might be able to access further benefits.


Digital by default

Another key feature of our offer is that we are a digital first organisation. This is built into our service offer from the point of initial registration and all the way through a tenancy. Once you register with us on our portal, you’ll watch some short videos about our service offer. This is an opportunity for you to really understand what we can offer you.

Once you become a tenant, we’ll talk to you mostly through the portal, as well as by email, social media and video calls. Through the portal you can keep in contact with your Community Potential Specialist about your Personal Success Plan, report repairs, anti-social behaviour, as well as view your Tenancy Sustainment Licence.



If this sounds like something you want to be part of, apply for one of our homes.