Realising your potential

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At Twenty11, we want to empower you to realise your potential by helping you to make, meet and exceed goals in both your personal and working life.

We'll also encourage you to play an active and positive role by volunteering in our community.

"I have no words to express how grateful I was to have this opportunity with the team... I was getting to the point of giving up on all my dreams, I'm glad that I engaged with the team. Thanks for the support, it was a pleasure to work with you."

Realising Potential Specialist

If you live in one of our homes, you might want to work with one of our Realising Potential Specialists. They can work with you on a one-to-one basis to provide life coaching, motivation and support. They can help you to access training or work experience, improve your confidence and wellbeing, help with your career goals – or anything else that you have set your eyes on.

We work with a network of local partners to give you access to exciting and varied opportunities. 

Why use life coaching?

Life coaching is all about helping people to identify and achieve their personal goals. Our Realising Potential Specialists will help you identify and focus on your goals and aspirations, and start to map out how you'll get there. At the heart of our Realising Potential Approach is the idea that you have the power to help yourself and reach your goals, with a little assistance where needed.

How it works 

Our Realising Potential Specialist is available to work with you to understand what you want to achieve, what you believe your potential is, and what you think the barriers are which prevent you from realising it.

The Realising Potential Specialist will then work with you to draw up a Personal Success Plan and work together to achieve it – including identifying where partner organisations can provide services to meet specific needs, for example:

  • Securing work experience placements
  • Finding volunteering or community involvement opportunities
  • Helping to enhance CVs or applications
  • Providing mentoring or coaching
  • Helping with maximising income/improving finances
  • Helping with interviews and being ‘interview ready’.

Personal Success Plans

What does a Personal Success Plan look like?

This will depend entirely on individual goals, where you are now, and where you want to get to. For example, it can include:

  • A clear description of your goals and objectives with timescales where relevant
  • A commitment to complete the actions which have been agreed
  • Details of the support Twenty11 and partner organisations will provide
  • Your commitment to maintain regular communication with the Realising Potential Specialist.

Personal Success Plans case studies

Read the Personal Success Plans case studies to see how we've recently supported some of our wonderful tenants in achieving their goals.

Aspiration Pot

We also know that sometimes a financial helping hand is needed, and that is why we have our Aspiration Pot. Our tenants can apply for help to fund training courses, travel costs, or an interview suit for example – it’s there to help make dreams a reality.

Over the past 12 months, our team of Realising Potential Specialists have distributed over £4,000 worth of funding to support tenants just like you to achieve the goals set out in their Personal Success Plans! We’ve contributed funding towards driving lessons, computer equipment, courses and qualifications, all of which are having a big impact on those tenants realising their potential and improving their circumstances.