Tenancy Sustainment Licence

As a customer of Twenty11, we’ll create a Tenancy Sustainment Licence for you when you sign up as a tenant, which is a bit like a driving licence.

It’s part of your tenancy and it’s how we record the positive and negative contributions you make when it comes to your tenancy and home, and also in the community. Like a driving licence, when you display negative behaviour (e.g. not paying your rent or carrying out antisocial behaviour), you will accumulate negative points that contribute to whether we automatically renew your tenancy or not.




 Take a look at our guidance on volunteering and tenancy sustainment licence (PDF). 


To apply for a Twenty11 home:

 1) Register on the Council’s local lettings system, Bucks Home Choice

 2) Complete our Twenty11 pre-registration process

 Bids on Twenty11 homes will not be considered if you have not completed our pre-registration process - note that the time it takes from registering on this website to being ready to bid for a home can take between 2 and 4 weeks

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