Our team

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Meet our Leadership Team, who are responsible for managing the key things we do at Twenty11, and do their best to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. They have a breadth of specialist knowledge and are committed to providing a great service for our tenants and making Twenty11 a success.

To get in touch with us, email contact@twenty11.co.uk.

Meet the team

Alan Keers, Chief Executive

Alan Keers

Chief Executive
Sarah Mei Ying North, Director of Customer Services

Sarah Mei Ying North

Director of Customer Services
Laurinda Hornblow, Head of Operations & Growth

Laurinda Hornblow

Head of Operations & Growth
Fran Hemsley, Operations Manager

Fran Hemsley

Operations Manager
Julie Gamble-Kempe, Head of Communications and Brand

Julie Gamble-Kempe

Head of Communications and Brand
Kirsty Hyams, Tenancy Specialist

Kirsty Hyams

Tenancy Sustainment Specialist
Duncan Passey, Pre-tenancy Specialist

Duncan Passey

Pre-tenancy Specialist
Nusrat Pya, Customer engagement specialist

Nusrat Pya

Tenancy Review Specialist
Holly Howarth, Senior CPS

Holly Howarth

Senior Realising Potential Specialist
Nichola Rose, Community Potential Specialist

Nichola Rose

Realising Potential Specialist
Maddie Shuff, Community Potential Specialist

Maddie Shuff

Realising Potential Specialist