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Charging for work that we carry out which is a tenant's responsibility.

If we need to carry out repairs that are your responsibility, or we have to spend significant time resolving tenancy or neighbourhood issues, we will recharge you for the cost of this work. Called recharges, these debts are incurred as a result of costs to us that are a result of your actions.

For example, if we spend substantial time dealing with untidy gardens or antisocial behaviour, and make reasonable efforts to resolve the issues, but a lack of tenant co-operation means we then have to go beyond what is reasonable, we will recharge you for this time.

When we need to carry out work such as this, we will write to you and explain that you will be asked to pay for the work. Here are two examples of the way we do this:

  • We will start to recharge for untidy gardens after we have made two visits and informed you that any further visits will definitely be recharged as the matter has not been resolved
  • If you ask us to repair something, such as a clogged drain or blocked toilet, we will inform you that you will be recharged for the work if we find that you have caused the problem.

When we inform you that you will be recharged for work, you have the option to get the work carried out privately. However, if the work has health and safety implications, requires a certified gas or electrical contractor, or the damage itself represents a risk to life and property, we will always have our contractors complete the work so you will not be able to get this done privately and you will be recharged.

If you report a standard repair, but we find on fixing it that it is a result of damage caused by you, we will advise you that you will be recharged.

As with rent, we expect payment on time and as soon as possible. If you cannot afford to pay the full cost in one go, we can work with you to set up a payment arrangement, but the full cost must be repaid within 12 months. We will not extend this period under any circumstances.

If you want to dispute responsibility for something we recharge you for, you can send us your dispute in writing. Your dispute will be looked at by a manager within seven working days and a decision will be made regarding responsibility. Once a decision is reached, you will be informed of the outcome and our reasons for the decision.