Anti-social Behaviour

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Everyone has the right to feel safe in their homes and communities, which is why we take anti-social behaviour seriously.

Good neighbour

Being a good neighbour means being reasonable and tolerant of people’s views and lifestyles and considering how our own behaviour affects others. It’s important that everyone shows consideration regarding other residents. This helps to build a strong and friendly community.

Tenancy Sustainment Licence

Our Tenancy Sustainment Licence has positive points to encourage our customers to be good neighbours. There are also negative points if tenancy conditions are not met. So, if someone’s behaviour results in us sending them a formal written warning for anti-social behaviour, then they’ll get negative points. If this behaviour continues or is very serious, they may lose their tenancy.

Report anti-social behaviour

However, we know that sometimes you might experience anti-social behaviour so If you'd like to report this, get in touch with us  and we'll contact you to discuss this further.

There are a number of things we may offer to help with ASB, for example, if you're suffering from noisy neighbours, we may suggest that you use the free Noise App and log details of any incidents. We may also suggest mediation as a way of resolving a neighbour disagreement.

At Twenty11, we do not tolerate any form of hate incidents or hate crimes such as racial harassment. This type of ASB is unacceptable.

If you feel you're in danger or at risk, or that criminal behaviour is taking place, please contact the police in the first instance.

As well as the police, we work with a wide range of partners to help maintain safe communities such as Social Services or Probation.

Domestic abuse

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, please see our dedicated domestic abuse page for more information.