What can Twenty11 help you achieve in 2024?

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What can Twenty11 help you achieve in 2024?

Throughout 2023, our Realising Potential Specialists helped 57 tenants set up Personal Success Plans (PSPs), developing realistic and achievable goals that are individual to them and their circumstances. September was our busiest month for PSPs, where we set up 13 – we'd love to beat this record this year!

We’ve helped tenants attend Christmas markets, start new courses, and pursue their passions! Could we help you?

Our Realising Potential Specialists are on hand and ready to help tenants with their 2024 goals. They offer 1:1 support with regular video calls - tenants get five positive points on their Tenancy Sustainment License for setting up a Personal Success Plan, as well as 10 points when they complete it! Once tenants have an active plan, they also become eligible to apply for our Aspiration Pot which can be used for funding anything you need to achieve your goals and dreams!

Find out more about our Realising Potential Specialists and our Aspiration Pot fund.

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